Namotek Pte Ltd

Company Profile

Namotek is a Singapore based company reselling networking, security and collaboration technology to local businesses, in all sectors and especially to small businesses in ASEAN, Singapore and India.  

Our objective is to become a leading technology partner in two regions – the ASEAN countries and India – while focusing on networking, collaboration and security technologies through a partnership with vendors who provide affordable technology.  

ASEAN is a USD 2 Billion IT market in these areas, forecasted to grow at a CAGR of +6% over the next 3 years. Within ASEAN, Singapore alone is a USD 500M market growing at 7% a year in these technologies.  And India is a USD 1.5 Billion IT market, growing at double digits of 10.4%. 
Our initial market focus will be on Singapore and India, with an aim to achieve USD 5 Million annual revenue by 2025.